We provide custom software

development and IT outstaffing

services. Our developers build

custom software for individuals,

startups, and small to

medium business.

Tech Stack
We have strong expertise of it and ready to create your own service from scratch. Will it be an ETL script or a large distributed web application - it's up to you, our developers ready to create high-qualified and reliable services.
Web frameworks
Our primary focus is backend development using moder web frameworks such as Django, Flask, FastAPI. We like both conveniences of ORM and flexibility of raw SQL and use it all every day.
Message brokers
A small RabbitMQ queue or a large Kafka cluster - we use them all developing distributed miscroservices and event-driven systems.
We creating ready-to-use web applications providing both backend and frontend expertise. We like React and use modern JS standarts.

We like durability of relational databases and features of non-relational databases, combining them to provide the best possible storage system for you. Our highlits are PostgreSQL, Redis, ElasticSearch.

Cloud services
We like cloud solutions and use them to provide rapid delivery and scalability when creating applications for our customers.
About WhiteSnake
«WhiteSnake» — fast growing IT outsourcing company. We focus on constant development in the field of IT consulting, especially in backend Python development and Data Science. We have strong expertise in Fintech, FA&P, AI, Blockchain and other fields.
Our benefits
  • Become a part of excelent professional team
  • Wide social package

  • Flexible hours
  • Health insurance
  • Constant education and mentorship
  • Comfortable A-class office
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